Procedure for Lightening Virgin Hair

  1. Divide dry hair into four section
  2. Apply a protective cream around the hairline and over the ears.
  3. Put on protective gloves.
  4. Prepare the lightening formula and use it immediately to prevent deterioration.
  5. Apply the lightener. Begin the application where the hair seems resistant or especially dark, usually at the back of the head. Use 1/8 inch (.3-cm) partings to apply the lightener. Start 1/2 inch (1.25cm) from the scalp and extend the lightener up to,but not through, the porous ends. Apply the lightener to the top and underside of the subsection in quick, rhythmic movements.
  6. Place strips of cotton at the scalp area along the parts to prevent the lightener from touching the base of the hair. Complete all four sections in this manner.
  7. continue to apply the lightener. Double-check the application, adding more lightener if necessary. do not comb the lightener through the hair. mixture dries on the hair.
  8. check for lightening action about 15 minutes before the time indicated by the preliminary strand test. Spry a hair strand with a water bottle and remove the lightener with a damp towel. Examine the strand. If the strand is not light enough, reapply the mixture and continue testing frequently until the desired level is reached.
  9. Remove the cotton from the area. Apply the lightener to the hair near the scalp with a 1/8 inch parting. Prepare shaft has reached the desired stage.
  10. Rinse the hair thoroughly with tepid water. Shampoo gently and condition as needed.
  11. Neutralize the alkalinity of the hair with a conditioner. Recondition of necessary.
  12. towel-dry the hair, or day it completely under a cool dryer if the manufacturer requires it.
  13. Examine the scalp for any abrasion. Analyze the condition of the hair.